To be eligible for the Visa Permit that allows participants a 5 year Social Visit Pass with Multiple Entry, applicants are required to meet the following requirements at various stages of the application process

Before Approval – Financial requirements upon application

Applicants must meet the following financial requirements once their MM2H application has been successfully submitted.

- AGE: 35+
- LIQUID ASSETS: RM1,500,000

After Approval – Fixed Deposit placement requirement

- Successful applicants must meet the following financial Fixed Deposit placements according to their age.
- These Fixed Deposit placements are required upon receipt of the conditional approval letter from the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Criteria for participants aged above 35 years

- Open a fixed deposit of RM 1,000,000 in a Malaysian bank account.
- Participants can withdraw up to RM 500,000 after a period of one year.
- RM 500,000 must be maintained as a minimum balance from the second year onwards and throughout the participant’s stay in Malaysia under this Malaysia My Second Home program.

Additional Criteria for participants between 35-49

- Add RM50,000 per dependent to Fixed Deposit in the bank.