Platinum Gold Silver
Fixed Deposit USD 1mil USD 500,000 USD 150,000
Participation Fee* RM 200,000 RM 3,000 RM 1,000
Property Value Limit** >= RM 2mil >= RM 1mil >= RM 600,000
Allow to bring maid Yes No No
Pass validity (Years) 20 15 5
Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) Yes Yes Yes
Business/Work Allowed Yes Apply Apply
Renewal Fee RM 5,000 RM 3,000 RM 1,500
Allowed Dependent Categories Spouse, Children, and Parents Spouse, Children, and Parents Spouse, Children, and Parents
Maximum Withdrawal from Fixed Deposit *** 50% 50% 50%
Education and Healthcare Benefits Yes Yes Yes
Tax Exemptions on Funds Brought In Yes Yes Yes
Transfer of MM2h Pass Upon Principal's Death Yes Yes Yes
Health Examination **** Required Required Required
Permanent Residence Status None None None
* No participation fee for dependents.
** Participants are not allowed to sell the home for 10 years but they are allowed to upgrade by buying new homes which are of higher value.
*** Upon receiving approval for MM2h Programme for home purchases, education, health and tourism.
**** The applicatns and their dependents must undergo the health examiniation at a clinic / hospital appointed by the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry.